Boldly Moving Forward

2014 showed us that beverage container recycling in Manitoba is driving towards the 75 per cent recovery rate. The single-minded commitment Canadian Beverage Recycling Association (CBCRA) and its Recycle Everywhere program have to achieving this goal is the cornerstone to this success.

CBCRA is a not-for-profit industry-funded association that was founded in 2010 to work towards meeting Manitoba’s government mandated recovery rate of 75 per cent of beverage containers sold in the province. The program is growing, achieving increased recovery rates and helping to change consumer recycling behaviour across the province. The Recycle Everywhere program, the world’s first province-wide away-from-home beverage container recycling program, was created and is operated by CBCRA. The infrastructure continuously grows as tens of thousands of bins are distributed in away-from-home spaces throughout the province, making beverage container recycling easy and efficient for consumers.

There has been a steady increase in our beverage container recovery rate to date, up from 42 per cent in 2010 to 64 per cent today. That means that we were able to divert 4,929 tonnes of empty bottles, cans, cartons and juice boxes from landfills in one year, enough to fill 857 rail cars.

None of this could happen without the support of our funders, the brand owners and first importers of non-alcoholic, non-dairy beverages sold in the province. The Container Recycling Fee (CRF) provided to CBCRA by these brand-owners and first importers for every beverage container supplied into Manitoba funds the organization and its tremendously successful Recycle Everywhere program. As a result, Manitobans have a convenient opportunity to recycle their empty beverage containers no matter where they are – from provincial parks, office buildings, stadiums and arenas to schools. Nearly everywhere you go, you’ll see a Recycle Everywhere opportunity.

While the Recycle Everywhere message is delivered to the general public through extensive media campaigns and public space bins, a unique and innovative solution is being provided to multi-family dwellings through the Mini Bin program. This at-home program’s aim is to assist a targeted group who are often hampered by various issues, including convenient access and lack of space in the dwelling unit. Working with property management companies to provide these handy small-space mini bins to tenants, the Recycle Everywhere program is increasing awareness and enhancing recycling options for multi-family dwellings. So far, there has been an increase in beverage container recycling in all the pilot locations where the Mini Bin program was implemented and almost all multi-family dwellings in the province will receive these free bins in 2015 and 2016.

The success of the Recycle Everywhere message is also measured through waste audits. This data gives a clear picture of what is working and what we may need to adjust to ensure continued success. Additionally, annual Litter Audits are conducted to measure the decrease in litter resulting from the Promotion and Education and public space bins. This year, we are proud to report that thanks in part to the Recycle Everywhere program, Winnipeg has seen a 34 per cent reduction in beverage container litter and Brandon 50 per cent, over a four year period.

The targeted goal of CBCRA and its Recycle Everywhere program is in reach and we will continue to move boldly forward in 2015 and beyond to ensure we reach and perhaps exceed our goal to see a 75 per cent return on recycled beverage containers.



2014 – Growth in Action

CBCRA celebrated a wealth of successes in 2014. Moving forward from our inception in 2010, we are seeing more Manitobans recycling their beverage containers today than ever before. This is an exciting time as we know the Recycle Everywhere program message is being heard, loud and clear. The resulting positive attitude towards recycling expressed by Manitobans and verified by third party research owes much to the relentless promotion and expansion of recycling access.

Many combined factors have led us closer to reaching our goal of a 75 per cent recovery rate. And all of it starts with careful planning. In 2014 we created a Strategic Plan, “Plan 75”, that maps out the road to 75 per cent recovery. This included making the best assessment possible of which areas, (municipal public spaces, schools, office buildings, etc.) generate how many empty beverage containers. Using the best possible data we were able to access we mapped out the bin coverage in each of those major sectors and the number and type of bins needed to effectively saturate the province so that all consumers everywhere would have reasonably convenient access to a beverage container recycling bin.

The strategic placement of bins is coordinated with Promotion, Education and Awareness campaigns. We realized, based on an examination of current data, that to achieve 75 per cent recovery we need to recover more from the residential sector, which led to the special focus on multi-family dwellings and the creation of the Mini Bin program. Dedicated hard work from the Board and staff has been present from the very start. This tenacious pursuit of the 75 per cent recovery goal is now combined with a strategic road map that leads us to the ultimate goal.

The Annual Report has many statistics and descriptions of the efforts and activities that are moving us closer to our goal, helping to change behavioural norms and creating a positive attitude towards recycling which spills over into the recycling of non-beverage materials as well. The Promotion and Education campaign, which won more awards than any other campaign at the Manitoba 2014 Signature Awards, was highly successful and generates a recall rate that is off the charts compared to every other major campaign.

Our Street Team was tremendously busy spreading our message at festivals and events around Manitoba, totalling 224 event days. The team uses interactive games and contests along with our mascot BINjamin to get the word out to thousands of Manitobans. Their popularity and reach have grown year over year since the inception of the program and is one of the most effective ways in which we communicate to many community leaders and citizens.

Along with working with schools, universities and hospitals, municipal sites, provincial parks and First Nations, our outreach activities included our sponsorship of and partnership with local sports teams and organizations. Third party research shows a strong correlation between the association with these sports teams and the recall of Recycle Everywhere messaging. Through the assertive efforts of our dedicated staff and the instantly recognizable Recycle Everywhere bins, the Recycle Everywhere program is gaining more recognition and reaching further across Manitoba than ever before. All with the purpose of making it easier to recycle beverage containers wherever you are.

Our RE101 schools program has been particularly successful this year with more than half the province’s primary and secondary schools signed up for our program. Besides the in-school benefits, students ultimately take that message home and encourage all family members to do their part to recycle.

We lead with strategy, dedication and a relentless pursuit of making Manitoba a recycling model for all. And we gratefully acknowledge that the increased and increasing participation of all Manitobans has been the key to our success. Whether we are talking about the beverage industry, retailers, our partners or consumers we know we could not achieve this goal without their support for CBCRA and its Recycle Everywhere program.