Our efforts over the past five years have been focused on a singular goal – to change how people look at their empty beverage containers. We’ve raised awareness of which products can be recycled and what they become after going into a blue bin.

We’ve made our presence known in schools, on streetscapes and at sporting events. We’ve worked with partners across the province to get the message out. And with every passing year, we get closer and closer to reaching a 75 per cent recovery rate. Learn what we did in 2015 to change the recycling landscape in Manitoba.

A Common Vision

With the support of our beverage producer and retailer partners, CBCRA is committed to recovering as many empty beverage containers as possible. With their support we have improved access, strengthened community relations and increased the recycling of beverage containers across the province.


Realizing Results

CBCRA’s purpose has always been to increase recycling rates for empty beverage containers and reduce waste in public spaces and landfills. Getting the message out has taken a monumental effort from our staff and partners. It’s working. We continue to advance towards our target recovery rate of 75 per cent.


Our Efforts In Action

Our focus this year was to evaluate previous activities and build on our successes. Using research as our foundation, we developed targeted communications to change the attitudes of under-performing markets.


United With Our Partners

Making progress on our objectives has been made easier by working with people who share our goals. Our cooperation with community partners has helped increase awareness of our programs and allowed us to put infrastructure in place that supports the growing interest and participation in beverage container recycling programs.



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