CBCRA_OutdoorMockupv2In previous years, campaigns focused on raising awareness of what can be recycled and the products that empty beverage containers can become after they end up in a blue bin. This messaging, as part of the previous “Transformation” campaign, was so successful it earned CBCRA an award in the International Solid Waste Association’s (ISWA) global communication awards, selected from among 17 entries from 11 countries.

In 2015, the promotional and educational campaign shifted to a personal responsibility message for the empty beverage containers that aren’t recycled. Creative featured everyday people having their unrecycled containers returned to them with the headline, “Of all the empty beverage containers that weren’t recycled, how many were yours?” Executions were set in a school, single-family home, apartment building and office boardroom. Media for the general awareness campaign included a selection of out-of-home, print, trade publications, radio, online and television ads.

To capitalize on the year-end holiday season, a dedicated thank-you campaign was executed. Creative congratulated Manitobans using a mix of out-of-home executions, 10-second T.V. closed captioning, sponsorship messages and radio ads.

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In the fall of 2015, following six months of exposure to our “How Many Were Yours?” creative, we surveyed Manitoba adults on campaign awareness. Unaided advertising recall rose from 59 per cent (2014) to 76 per cent (2015) province wide and from 72 per cent (2014) to 82 per cent (2015) in Winnipeg. These results are significantly higher than other Manitoba advertising campaigns and match recall levels of our 2013 “Transformation” creative.

MultiFamily_AnnualOther survey results show that television ads performed the best (60 per cent recall) and respondents were most likely to see Recycle Everywhere advertising at public events, specifically Winnipeg-based professional hockey and football games. The majority of Manitobans (71 per cent by phone and 55 per cent through online survey) agree that the campaign made them realize that there are consequences to not recycling empty beverage containers. We are confident this key message will continue to change recycling behaviours and increase the recovery rate.

Public Relations

Media relation efforts throughout the year helped keep Recycle Everywhere top of mind, with announcements such as the 2014 Recovery Rate and the annual Litter Audit results. Both press releases garnered earned media in Winnipeg and throughout the province. In addition to this coverage, various articles and advertorials were submitted to publications, covering a variety of topics including Mini Bins, RE101 and ongoing initiatives.

Social Media

We continue to connect with our audience online through the Recycle Everywhere social media accounts. Facebook page likes have doubled over the past year, bringing the total to over 4,800. Organic reach is around 425 people per post and year over year post likes have increased by 20 per cent. Our Twitter audience has increased to over 2,800, with a 50/50 gender split. Organic reach is around 550 people per post on this platform.


ManitobavilleCommunity engagement continues to be a program focus and our partnerships this year yielded tremendous results. We maintained our hockey sponsorships with the Brandon Wheat Kings, Manitoba Junior Hockey League, and the Winnipeg Jets, as well as added a new partnership with Winnipeg Jets Defenseman Jacob Trouba.

The Blue Bombers took our message on the road with their interactive event vehicle, which featured our Recycle Everywhere inflatable three-point kick. Our Goldeyes baseball partnership continued with a “Pass the Flag” event, which saw fans on opposite sides of the ballpark pass a beverage container banner to BINjamin for their chance to win baseball caps for their section.

Other activities included sponsorship of the Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival in The Pas and Manitobaville throughout the province. In May, we partnered with Take Pride Winnipeg! to launch the “Easy as 1-2-3!” contest, where participating schools were asked to pick up three pieces of litter a day for their chance to win a grand prize trip to go beluga whale watching in Churchill. Finally, we continued our involvement with Folklorama in August, giving away two aluminum cruiser-style bikes to one lucky attendee.

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website-tinyNew Recycle Everywhere website visitors rose from 77 per cent of total visitors to 84 per cent, with organic search accounting for 53 per cent of all traffic versus 24 per cent in 2014. This demonstrates that more and more people are recalling our name and visiting our site to learn more about our activities. Visitors also continued to come to the site through referral traffic and paid advertising, as in previous years. These insights show that a combination of supporting partner relationships, investing in paid media and launching initiatives aimed at building awareness have helped to drive traffic to recycleeverywhere.ca.


The Recycle Everywhere Street Team saw its busiest year yet. Over the summer, we attended 165 events over 261 days, with our Mascot BINjamin appearing 107 times. We were a part of local sporting events and festivals, but made a push toward being a part of rural activities, including Morden’s Back 40 Fest and Eriksdale’s Creamery Days. 

We even started a few of our own events in 2015, including a Recycle Everywhere Dunk Tank in the Exchange District and a Recycling Day Party in Kildonan Park. At the park, participants were asked to “Count the Containers” by guessing how many empty beverage containers were held in a transparent container. The number represented the average number that one person consumes throughout the year.

We also began engaging on a different level, attending day camps and Beaver meetings to educate kids about the benefits of recycling and enhancing our research data by surveying 1,470 individuals about their recycling habits, where they’d like to see more bins and their knowledge of the Container Recycling Fee.


Approximately 70 per cent of beverages are consumed at home, and dwellings such as apartments, condos and townhouses offer the biggest opportunity to improve recovery rates. In 2014, CBCRA piloted the Mini Bin program by distributing a space-saving recycling container to select multi-family residences across Manitoba, free of charge.

In 2015 the demand for Mini Bins increased exponentially. This year, we partnered with Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM) to increase our delivery scope, providing nearly 35,000 co-branded and 25,000 Recycle Everywhere branded bins to multi-family dwelling (MFD) tenants. Rural areas across the province received theirs through a third-party shipper while Mini Bins in the Winnipeg region were delivered by the Recycle Everywhere Street Team.

Our research illustrated the fact that lower income households were less likely to recycle their empty beverage containers. So we strengthened our relationships with property managers, developers and housing initiatives through sponsorships, membership and outreach. Activities such as contesting, trade show attendance and newsletter content continued to ensure that recycling stays top of mind for this audience.


“I had not realized the volume of participation and how successful this program would become in such a short time. It provides excellent opportunities for recycling without any additional expense involved. Thousands of tenants have benefited from being able to drop off their recyclables.”
Renata Vandall, Manitoba Housing