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In 2010, beverage producers and distributors supplying into the province formed a not-for-profit organization set on meeting the Manitoba government’s mandate to reach a 75 per cent recovery rate of all beverage containers supplied into the province. This organization is the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA).

The Manitoba Government Regulation requires that all beverage producers supplying beverages into the province either subscribe to an established program, or implement their own province-wide recycling system that can achieve the mandated recovery rate target. We’ve worked closely with all stakeholders, ensuring that the provincial government, beverage producers, retailers, our community partners and consumers are all considered in the operation of our programs. In 2011, the provincial government signed off on our first Program Plan, and in 2013 a second, five-year plan was approved.

The first program CBCRA created was Recycle Everywhere, a province-wide, away-from-home beverage container recycling program that distributes free recycling bins to public spaces. You can now find Recycle Everywhere bins in municipalities, First Nations and northern communities, Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) facilities, government offices, public parks, schools, festivals and events throughout Manitoba. The establishment of this recycling infrastructure helps consumers to recycle their empty beverage containers whether at home, work or play. An extensive province-wide Promotion and Education (P&E) campaign informs consumers and raises the profile of recycling throughout the province.


CBCRA works closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the provincial government, beverage producers, retailers, community partners, and consumers are all considered in the operation of our program.




Beverage producers supplying into the Manitoba market are charged a Container Recycling Fee (CRF) for every non-alcoholic, non-dairy beverage container they bring into the province. This fee funds the entire program – including infrastructure, signage, technical support and promotion and education (P&E). In addition, the funds pay for up to 80 per cent of the cost to collect and process beverage containers in residential recycling programs. Through the CRF, industry producers pay CBCRA to recover their materials in all channels, both in residential and away-from-home sectors. The fee ensures that each beverage sold supports the recycling process.

Our program provides many tiers of benefits. Using recycled beverage containers to manufacture new ones conserves resources, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves the energy required to process new raw materials. Our programs also keep thousands of tonnes of beverage containers out of the garbage and reduce litter, extending the life of Manitoba’s landfills and increasing sustainability. Finally, Recycle Everywhere generates local jobs, both in recycling collection and processing, and bin manufacturing – with the majority of our bins made here in Manitoba.

Participating Producers & Retailers

CBCRA participants are the producers and distributors of single-use, sealed, ready-to-serve beverage containers sold in Manitoba. These companies are committed to increasing beverage container recycling rates in the province. Their funding supports everything from recycling infrastructure to consumer education. The Volunteer Board of Directors guides the organization. Though all obligated beverage producers are already registered with CBCRA, we will continue to engage new companies to join our organization as they emerge.

We also rely on beverage retailers throughout the province to support the program. They are key to educating customers on the link between the CRF and the cost of recycling each beverage container, and act as a major point of interaction between beverage-buying consumers and the recycling program. The beverage companies typically pass on the fee to retailers who pass it on to consumers – this fee is shown on most store receipts. Retailers in Manitoba continue to play an important and effective role in the success of beverage container recycling by assisting in spreading our message.





Arctic Beverages LP
A. Lassonde Inc.
Amway Canada Corporation
Campbell Company Of Canada
Canada Dry Mott’s Inc.
Canada Safeway Limited
Canadian Tire
CanAqua Inc.
Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada Company
Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.
Cott Beverage
Dewpoint Bottling Company Ltd.
Distribution Missum Inc.
Dollarama LP
Edoko Food Importers Ltd.
Elco Fine Foods Inc.
Federated Co-Operatives Limited
Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd.
H. J. Heinz Company of Canada LP
ID Foods Corporation
IKEA Canada Limited Partnership
Inform Brokerage Inc.
Kohl & Frisch Limited
Kraft Canada Inc.
Leading Brands of Canada Inc.
Loblaw Companies Ltd.
London Drugs Limited
Malinda Distributors Inc.
Maverick Brands, LLC

McKesson Canada
Nestle Canada Inc.
Nestle Waters Canada
No.22 Foods Inc.
P.A. Bottlers Ltd.
P.A. Fine Foods & Distributors
Pepsi Bottling Group Canada
Prism Distributions Inc./Red Bull Canada Ltd.
Renees Gourmet Foods Inc.
RW Packaging Ltd.
Saputo Dairy Products Canada G.P.
Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.
Sky Blue Water Inc.
Sobeys Capital Incorporated
Star Marketing Ltd.
Starbucks Coffee Canada
Sunrise Markets Inc. dba Sunrise Soya Foods
Sun-Rype Products Ltd.
Sysco Food Service, Winnipeg
The Minute Maid Company of Canada Inc.
The North West Company LP
The TDL Group Corp
Tle’Nax T’awei Group
Tree of Life Canada ULC
Turtle Mountain, LLC
Unisource Canada Inc.
Wal-mart Canada Corp.
Wm.Bolthouse Farms Inc.