The Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association’s (CBCRA) mandate has always been to support Manitobans on their journey to becoming lifelong beverage container recyclers.

We make it easy for Manitobans to recycle beverage containers through our many programs and initiatives. Every year, we place more Recycle Everywhere bins in public and residential spaces, expand our network of community and partner outreach, and increase our engagement and education activities.

All of these pieces come together and empower consumers to recycle every empty beverage container by providing accessible infrastructure and technical support.

By building awareness about the importance of recycling, we are helping the people of Manitoba understand that every beverage container and every person matters. Together, we are all for one goal: recover as many empty beverage containers as possible in the province, helping us to be recognized as a national leader of beverage container recycling.

committed to the cause

A MESSAGE FROM CHAIRMAN of the board Jim Goetz

As Chairman of the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) Board of Directors, I am pleased to present the significant achievements that are outlined in this year’s annual report. The Board and staff of CBCRA and its Recycle Everywhere program never stop innovating, and pushing forward to encourage Manitobans to recycle every empty beverage container.

CBCRA was formed in 2010 in response to the newly government-mandated target of recovering 75% of beverage containers sold into the province. Beverage producers and brand owners created this not-for-profit, industry-funded organization to tackle this challenge head on with a unique system for recycling beverage containers. The result was CBCRA and the implementation of its Recycle Everywhere program, a model which exists nowhere else in North America. Recycle Everywhere ensures that it is convenient for citizens to recycle their empty beverage containers no matter where they live, work, or play. This is accomplished through providing free Recycle Everywhere bin infrastructure to public spaces across the province. Since 2010, we have placed over 57,000 Recycle Everywhere bins in communities, municipalities, schools, businesses, institutions, parks, festivals, and events throughout Manitoba. In addition, the program is supported by extensive promotion and education efforts to keep consumers informed and motivated to recycle every empty beverage container.

This would not be possible without the support of beverage retailers and producers: those companies who sell sealed beverage containers in Manitoba. Not only are these companies stewards of our program, but they are the key link to communicating and informing consumers about the Container Recycling Fee (CRF) that they see on their receipt when a beverage container is purchased. The CRF covers the entire cost of the program, from bin infrastructure to distribution of bins, promotion, education and technical support. In addition, the CRF funds up to 80% of the cost to collect and process beverage containers through residential recycling programs. In other provinces in Canada, such as those with deposit systems, consumers pay much higher fees upfront and only receive a portion of these fees back. We are thankful for the support and commitment of CBCRA members and stewards to our programs as we pioneer this successful and unique beverage container recycling model in Manitoba.

Another aspect of our program that is unique is our Recycle Everywhere promotion and education campaigns. Accessibility to recycling bin infrastructure must be matched with the knowledge of what goes into the bin. Each year we create advertising campaigns that are motivating and inspiring to ensure that every consumer knows exactly where their beverage container belongs once it is empty – in a blue bin. We accomplish this through conducting sound research on what consumers question and respond to when it comes to beverage container recycling. We then take these insights and transform them into powerful communications initiatives. 2017 was no different as we told the story of a real life recycling hero, Bennett, and his recycling business at the lake. We also introduced our funny and informative recycling experts, Bernie and Gracie the raccoons. I encourage you to review these communications projects and more within the report.

Accessibility and knowledge are key factors to recycling beverage containers, but ultimately the actions that each Manitoban takes makes the difference. We thank Manitobans for responding to our challenge and for making the right choice when it comes to disposing of their beverage containers. We would also like to thank the Ministry of Sustainable Development for their continued support of our program as we climb toward 75% recovery.

Innovation and creativity drive our program to succeed, and CBCRA is committed to continue to push toward our goal with new initiatives that will motivate and help Manitobans to recycle beverage containers from one corner of the province to the other.

dedicated to our target

A MESSAGE FROM executive director Ken Friesen

Since its inception seven years ago, CBCRA and its Recycle Everywhere program continues to operate in high gear to increase the beverage container recovery rate in Manitoba. We do this by furthering accessibility of recycling infrastructure through close community and industry partnerships, and by raising Manitobans’ awareness of the importance of beverage container recycling through innovative avenues of communication and community engagement. 2017 was a year we can look back on with pride and see the impressive progress being made.

To fully understand the great strides we have been making in the province, we can look to our long running litter audits conducted across Manitoba since the inception of CBCRA in 2010. The audits show a dramatic decrease in the beverage container litter rate in major Manitoba centres since the introduction of Recycle Everywhere, with cities experiencing anywhere from 36% to more than an 87% decrease since the baseline litter audit. Recycle Everywhere’s focused efforts have led to cleaner cityscapes, and more Manitobans than ever before knowing that recycling their beverage containers isn’t just a good option, but it’s the right thing to do for a number of reasons.

In 2017 CBCRA took a bold step by undertaking an ambitious project focused on increasing beverage container recycling in Single Family Dwellings (SFD). We strive to eliminate any obstacles that could be faced while recycling beverage containers at home, and as such we saw an opportunity to make doing the right thing even more effortless. This led to the formation of our SFD pilot project and the rollout of 3,000 small-sized bins in 17 Winnipeg communities. As always, we conducted extensive waste audits to ensure that we were being guided by accurate, realistic data. That data showed that the addition of our bins resulted in an impressive spike in beverage container recovery in these homes. This successful pilot led to a rollout of nearly 15,000 bins in Winnipeg and rural SFDs with plans to build on the project in 2018.

We continued to push our efforts in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) sector with incredible results throughout 2017. On Earth Day we were proud to announce new partnerships with all government owned buildings in the North and with the Building Owners and Managers Association of Manitoba (BOMA). These momentous partnerships paved the way to getting more Recycle Everywhere bins in remote locations and in hard to reach sectors of the province. We were joined by the Minister of Sustainable Development to announce these partnerships and present a united front in our push to achieve the 75% government mandated recovery rate. We continue to act as pioneers in the field by steering the Recycle Everywhere program in new and exciting directions.

Assisting northern Manitoba with recycling accessibility continued to be a focus for us in 2017 and resulted in the noteworthy addition of a project created to provide remote Northern Schools with recycling pickup. By utilizing close partnerships with northern organizations, we were able to initiate the Northern Schools Backhaul Pilot Project late in the year that ensured recyclable materials from Norway House and Cross Lake schools were sent to a Material Recovery Facility to be properly processed. This project laid the foundation for more schools to join, which will further raise the beverage container recovery rate and decrease litter in northern Manitoba. We remain unwaveringly committed to northern Manitoba and to growing our beverage container recycling infrastructure in remote communities to ensure no matter where you work and live in Manitoba, you can recycle your beverage containers.

The innovative projects and compelling research conducted by CBCRA throughout the year placed us in the perfect position to enter 2018 at full steam ahead. We are proud to continue working with our partners for the betterment of Manitobans and to relentlessly pursue a 75% beverage container recovery rate.