Towards a Unified Purpose

Since 2010, CBCRA has worked towards the Government of Manitoba’s mandate to recover 75 per cent of all beverage containers that come into the province.

Our not-for-profit organization was formed to fulfil the Manitoba government’s regulation that requires all beverage producers to achieve a 75 per cent recovery rate for all single use, sealed beverage containers. We collaborate with all stakeholders to make sure the provincial government, beverage producers, retailers, our community partners and consumers are all considered in the operation of our programs.

Our new Program Plan was submitted to the Government of Manitoba in 2017, and will guide our direction until 2022. This revised Program Plan details what we’re doing to achieve the 75 per cent recovery rate target, and how we’re going to do it. The centre of this Program Plan is our Recycle Everywhere program. The goal of Recycle Everywhere is simple, yet essential – Recycle Everywhere strives to motivate Manitobans on beverage container recycling, and ensure that it is convenient to recycle empty beverage containers no matter where you live, work or play.

We’re proud pioneers of Canada’s first province-wide away from home beverage container recycling program that allows Manitobans to recycle not only when they’re at home, but when they’re out and about. We’ve made this possible by partnering with communities, municipalities, schools, businesses, institutions, parks, festivals and events throughout Manitoba, providing them with Recycle Everywhere bins free of charge. Our partners simply arrange for the pickup of recycled beverage containers with a recycler.

The impact of increased recovery rates is huge. The more empty beverage containers we collect, the more new products can be made from these containers, which reduces the amount of waste going into landfills, decreases greenhouse gas emissions, and amounts to less litter on the streets.

By promoting beverage container recycling and educating consumers, we are helping to shape a future in Manitoba where sustainability and environmental impact are top of mind for everyone.

How does it work?

CBCRA works closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the provincial government, beverage producers, retailers, community partners, and consumers are all considered in the operation of our program.

A Collaborative Process

All beverage producers and distributors supplying into Manitoba pay a two-cent Container Recycling Fee (CRF) on every non-alcoholic, non-dairy beverage container that they sell in the province. This fee funds CBCRA and its Recycle Everywhere program.

We can do a lot with two cents: create new bin infrastructure and distribute bins, educate the public, offer technical support, and promote awareness. The CRF also funds up to 80% of the cost to collect and process beverage containers through residential recycling programs. Every beverage container sold in Manitoba supports the recycling process.

Typically, beverage producers pass on the CRF to retailers, who pass it on to consumers. Education about the CRF is so important to our program because it helps people to understand that the CRF covers the recycling cost of that empty container. Our program is designed to account for the recycling of every beverage container before it’s even dropped into a bin.

We depend on beverage retailers to help educate their customers about the link between the fee they see on their receipt, and the cost of recycling each beverage container. Our joint efforts with our producer and retail partners transforms them into stewards of our program, who stand with us in our commitment to increase beverage container recycling rates in the province. They are an important resource that allow us to engage new partners and expand our programs.

This collaboration is helping us achieve our long-term goals.

"These companies are our stewards – committed to increasing beverage container recycling rates in the province."

Looking at the Big Picture

We have one job: to increase the number of beverage containers recycled in Manitoba. The benefits we provide by doing our job well are many. The return on our investment and the positive impact we have on the environment and economy is significant. By recovering empty beverage containers, which are then used to manufacture new containers and other products, we are able to:

  • Conserve resources by repurposing what’s already been made
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Save the energy required to process new materials
  • Fuel a circular economy
  • Reduce litter
  • Keep thousands of tonnes of beverage containers out of landfills
  • Extend the life of Manitoba’s landfills – further increasing sustainability
  • Generate local jobs in beverage container recycling collection, processing and bin manufacturing, program operation, marketing and outreach

What does the program accept?

Non-alcoholic, non-dairy sealed beverage containers, including:

  • Aluminum cans and steel beverage containers
  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Cartons (gable top containers)
  • Drink boxes (aseptic containers)
  • Drink pouches

Where are containers collected?

Public spaces
Municipal and provincial buildings, city parks, streetscapes and more
Private establishments
Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) locations, including office buildings
Public facilities
Arenas, pools and recreation facilities, schools, colleges and universities
At home
Single-family and multi-family dwellings throughout Manitoba

2017 Beverage Container Sales

Material Categories 2017
Aluminum 181,844,982
PET 217,976,184
HDPE 2,300,683
Other Plastic 410,718
Polycup 2,292,672
Glass 3,720,313
Bi-Metal 625,171
Aseptic Container 38,785,376
Gabletops 3,550,891
Drink Pouches 9,073,198
Bag-in-a-box 302
Total 460,580,481

2017 CBCRA Participants

  • A. Lassonde Inc.
  • Amway Canada Corporation
  • Arctic Beverages LP
  • Campbell Company Of Canada
  • Canada Dry Mott’s Inc.
  • Canadian Tire
  • CanAqua Inc.
  • Casseroles Cora Inc.
  • Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada Company
  • Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.
  • Cott Beverage
  • Dewpoint Bottling Company Ltd.
  • Distribution Missum Inc.
  • Dollarama LP
  • Edoko Food Importers Ltd.
  • Federated Co-Operatives Limited
  • Ice River Springs Water Co.
  • ID Foods Corporation
  • IKEA Canada Limited Partnership
  • Inform Brokerage Inc.
  • Kohl & Frisch Ltd.
  • Kraft Heinz Canada ULC
  • Labatt Brewing Company Ltd.
  • Leading Brands of Canada, Inc.
  • Loblaw Companies Ltd.
  • London Drugs Limited
  • McKesson Canada
  • Nestle Canada Inc.
  • Nestle Waters Canada
  • No.22 Foods Inc.
  • Nothing But Nature Inc.
  • Overwaitea Food Group
  • P.A. Fine Foods & Distributors
  • Pepsi Bottling Group Canada
  • Red Bull Canada Ltd.
  • Renees Gourmet Foods Inc.
  • RW Packaging Ltd.
  • Saputo Dairy Products Canada G.P.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.
  • Sky Blue Water Inc.
  • Sobeys West Inc.
  • Star Marketing Ltd.
  • Starbucks Coffee Canada
  • Sunrise Markets Inc. dba Sunrise Soya Foods
  • Sun-Rype Products Ltd.
  • Sysco Food Service, Winnipeg
  • TFI Foods
  • The Minute Maid Canada of Company Inc.
  • The North West Company LP
  • The TDL Group Corp
  • Tle’ Nax T’Awei Limited Partnership
  • Tree of Life Canada ULC
  • United Natural Foods Canada Inc.
  • Veritiv Canada, Inc.
  • Wal-mart Canada Corp.
  • Wm. Bolthouse Farms Inc.